Civil war has been raging in Syria for a decade, causing death and untold atrocities. But, local leaders say, in the midst of it all they are clinging to hope in Christ and seeing His Church grow.

Victor Sadek tells Mission Network News that Christians in Syria are committed not only to their faith, but helping others grow in that faith. Sadek runs the Program for Theological Education by Extension (PTEE). "This ministry works with and through local churches to provide theological education for Arabic-speaking Christians," according to MNN.

“The most students and groups coming to us each month [in the] last 10 years [came] from Syria. We are amazed how, under all [these] circumstances and all these difficulties, the number of the home groups and Bible study is growing,” Sadek says.

While COVID-19 restrictions have made it impossible for students to continue to travel to take part in the program, they've been able to take advantage of video conferencing. Sadek says leaders have been encouraged by being able to gather with others via Zoom.

"They didn’t stop worshipping, didn’t stop studying the Bible," he says of the leaders in Syria over the last year. "They stayed connected through media.

“Pray that the Lord would revive the Church [and] strengthen the pastors and church leaders in Syria,” Sadek requests.