Thousands of incarcerated women are finding kinship and drawing closer to God through an audio Bible that has been voiced by a woman.

Women in jail face many barriers in life. Low literacy rates and intimidation are just some of the challenges facing women in society - and removed from it. But a new female-voiced audio Bible is helping to break down the walls of some of society's most vulnerable individuals, the Christian Post reports.

Ann White leads the ministry Courage For Life, which serves at-risk and incarcerated women. Many of these women, she says, have gone through abuse or trauma because of a man.

White herself is no stranger to such experiences and understands how important it is to consider gender-specific programs when working with at-risk women towards healing.

While abuse often occurs in a girl's teenage years, White says, the trauma does not easily go away. "Sometimes, simply hearing a man’s voice is a subconscious trigger," explained White. "That’s why it’s important to use gender-specific treatment.”

That thought, based on her belief in the Bible's singularly unique abilities to heal the most broken, the first-ever female-voiced audio Bible has been produced by Courage For Life.

The audiobook features the New Testament voiced by several women and has already been incorporated into American prison systems. It has been made available to the public but has specifically impacted incarcerated women seeking hope beyond their circumstances.

“We’re providing them with the Bible in a format where they can best receive it,” says White. “A female voice is going to bring hope and healing even more than that male voice would possibly bring.”

With 2.3 million people incarcerated in America and the rate of women being incarcerated growing two times the rate of men, White acknowledges the need for more gender-specific opportunities being made available to women. This Bible is something she believes God will use to fill that gap.

The audio Bible features the voice of Grammy-nominated artist Amik Byram and other voice actors, reading the New Living Translation. With the New Testament now completed, the group has begun work on the Old Testament.

The project is already changing lives, with more than 80,000 prison-provided tablets offering the Courage For Life Bible app in Georgia and Missouri.

Weekly classes are another component of the project that Courage For Life hopes to incorporate, allowing women in prison to further grow their relationship with Christ while assisting them with tools in dealing with their past experiences of trauma and abuse.

“God wants to heal those broken pieces,” White explained. “He wants to free His daughters from the bondage of making fear-based decisions and helping them embrace their God-given courage.

"And that's what we're trying to do through our ministry."