The Old Testament book of Esther, originally written on a scroll, is being gifted to the National Library in Israel. 

According to scholars, the Esther scroll dates back to 1465 to the Iberian Peninsula. This was right before Jewish people were expelled from Spain and Portugal.

The gift of this scroll is timely presented as the Jewish holiday of Purim is February 25-28. During the Purim holiday, Jewish people around the world reportedly read the Book of Esther, which they call "Megillah."

"The scroll is an incredibly rare testament to the rich material culture of the Jews of the Iberian Peninsula. It is one of the earliest extant Esther Scrolls, and one of the few 15th-century megillot in the world. The Library is privileged to house this treasure and to preserve the legacy of pre-Expulsion Iberian Jewry for the Jewish people and the world," says Dr. Yoel Finkelman, the curator of the National Library of Israel’s Haim and Hanna Salomon Judaica Collection, to CBN News.

According to Christian Headlines, the scroll was written in Sephardic script, which is used for other scrolls of the Bible. Scholars believe that one scribe wrote the copy of the book in brown ink on the leather scroll hundreds of years ago as a way of helping to preserve the Word of God so that it could be passed down from generation to generation.

The book of Esther in the Holy Bible has 10 chapters. 

This particular Esther scroll is only one of few found that were written in medieval times, making it an important preservation of history. 

The library is allowing people to view the newly acquired scroll online