Update: Just before 8:30 a.m. Manitoba Infrastructure reported that the Perimeter Highway is completely closed. Highway 8 is also closed from the Perimeter Highway, north to Highway 67. As of 9 a.m. all westbound lanes of Highway 1 are closed from Headingley to Portage la Prairie.


Motorists on the East Perimeter have been sitting in place for over an hour, and callers to the radio station report cars in ditches on other major routes in Winnipeg Friday morning and complete whiteouts on several highways.

One caller, Chris, says a collision on the North/East Perimeter near Wenzel Road just east of Highway 59 has traffic backed up from that location past Dugald Road. Rob also called in and confirmed that northbound on the East Perimeter is at a standstill. He says the problem is a jack-knifed semi across all lanes of the highway.

Rob says that he spotted at least five cars in the ditch on the East Perimeter. He also spotted a number of vehicles in the ditch on Route 90 near the North Perimeter.  "It's horrible out here," Rob says. 

Other callers have reported complete whiteout conditions on Highway 311 leaving Niverville, as well as Highway 59 in the area. One caller turned around and went home after attempting to drive to Winnipeg.

You can find the latest highway reports from Manitoba Infrastructure on the A-Z Electronics road reports and cancellations page.