A non-profit is encouraging people to be active either alone or as a group to move a collective 130 kilometres outside in one week.

Manitoba is known for its blistering cold, with February being no exception. A challenge from the Green Action Centre during the second week of February wants to see people explore the outdoors no matter the weather. They are encouraging people to knock out the kilometres by doing activities like walking, biking, and skating during the Jack Frost Challenge.

"It is a weeklong competition between Manitobans; 'friendly competition' we like to say," Kris Kuzdub, the sustainable transportation coordinator says. "We are encouraging people to get out, get active, no matter what the weather is. It is great for mental and physical health, and also the environment itself.

The challenge will have prizes like gift certificates to local businesses and a gym membership, but the main goal is to help people enjoy being active in the winter.

"I can feel like I'm the person we are trying to reach," laughs Kuzdub. "I can definitely decide to stay in a lot of the time. Once I get out it feels so much better and you appreciate it once you do."

This is the eleventh year the Green Action Centre has put out this challenge, gaining traction each year. Last year they had 1,500 participants.

"It wound up being during a polar vortex so a lot of people registered and a lot of people took part as well but in smaller batches, we noticed. It was a very cold week last year but that was the point of it."

The bike hanging above  Kuzdub's head may not be ideal for winter, but she says many Manitobans have recently been taking up fat biking to get through the snow, which is reflected more and more each year during this challenge.

The 130-kilometre goal is the challenge's target, but "the goal is to hopefully build habits that you can continue to use throughout the winter."