Winnipeg's very own Christian artist Jon Buller is continuing a popular event that was first started in Winnipeg.

It's now going to be taking place in Vernon British Columbia, where Buller lives.

Hear the Music Night started off back in the year 2000. It was a group of musicians and friends who loved to worship and sing. They got together once per month at The Meeting Place to worship and play instruments.

They then decided to have it at the former Walker Theatre, now called the Burton Cummings Theatre of the Performing Arts. It ran once per month for about five years. "They were some really meaningful evenings of worship and fun," Buller said.

Now, Buller is reviving that tradition in the Okanagan Valley doing Hear the Music Nights again.

Buller said he was working at the Vernon Alliance Church for the last 12 years and 18 months ago, made the decision to resign and return to doing the non-profit Hear The Music events again. 

Buller's focus and passion are equipping and training musicians doing worship conferences called Levite Summits.

The Christmas Hear The Music Night event that is coming up December 16 is something new. For the first time ever, It's going live stream from Vernon British Columbia. Everyone can be part of the Hear the Music Night without having to fly out to British Columbia.

 It starts at 9 pm Central Standard Time on Sunday, December 16.

More information is at