Jordan St. Cyr has seen God prepare a way for his family and his music career over the years, and his latest single is a testimony that's sure to encourage others as well.

St. Cyr joined Mike Thom and shared insights into his life, faith journey, and the inspiration behind his upcoming song, "A Way for Us." Watch the full interview here and read more for some powerful insights from the Manitoba native.

A recent taste of home

The Made in Manitoba artist, who moved to Tennessee two years ago with his family to pursue his music career, got a recent taste of home. 

The Nashville area where St. Cyr lives received 12 inches of snow that blanketed his new home, prompting laughter about the cultural shock of southern snow reactions, and showing neighbours how to embrace the wintery weather like Canadians. 

"My wife (Heather), she's like borrowing our neighbours' kids who are, I think they're from Egypt, they don't have anything. They're outside in their tennis shoes and she's like, 'Come here, come here," dressing them up in winter clothes and saying, 'This is what we do!'"

God's faithfulness

But it's what God has done in the St. Cyr's lives since moving from Manitoba that is shining through on the latest single, which will be released on Friday, January 19.

"It also is just a song that really, I think, builds an altar for my wife and I to just look back and see what God did and how He made a way for us."

The artist shared the unique collaboration behind the track, co-written with worship leader and producer, Christian Hale, and artist Brandon Heath. The trio's connection helped bring to life an anthem that gives God all the glory for how St. Cyr's life has unfolded over recent years.

"A Way for Us" highlights moments of uncertainty, resilience, and divine intervention. As the artist poured his heart into the lyrics, the song emerged as a testament to faith and a reminder of God's guidance through life's transitions and challenges. That comes, he says, from Heath's willingness to listen to St. Cyr's story.

"Brandon was just so kind and so gracious," he says. "He just asked so many questions like 'Jordan, what's on your heart? What do you want to write? Who are you? What do you want to be about? What's the message you want to put out there." 

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The writing sessions were around six to eight months after the family moved from Niverville, Man., the place he'd always called home, down to Nashville. He says he told Heath, "You know, I've had this dream forever of doing music professionally, to get on the road and tour for a living and so we just wrote that story."

Over recent years he's seen plenty of success with songs like "Rescue," "Fires," and "Weary Traveler," not only receiving massive airplay on Christian radio across North America but also appearing on the Billboard charts. But almost 15 years ago he was a somewhat unknown young man playing his acoustic guitar in CHVN's foyer during a listener appreciation barbeque. Last year he toured with Mac Powell, Colton Dixon, and several other big names. He also won his first Juno Award.

Writing the new song had hin looking back to the days when it was just him and his acoustic guitar when he first started out. "Now, you know, I have a wife and four kids and we packed everything up to chase Dad's dream by moving down to Tennessee. You know, that's a lyric in the song," he says.

"And it just hits me so deep because I've got just the most supportive wife and supportive kids and they're they're along for this amazing journey that God's put us on and when we got here, the challenges they just mounted, you know what I mean?"

The challenges included their kids being behind in school because of different curriculum, and the challenges of uprooting the family and the kids being "the new kids in school."

The St. Cyr's youngest daughter also has health challenges, and suddenly they were left to find new medical teams and figure out health care in a country where health insurance can be expensive. He says that all the challenges quickly mounted all at once and left them overwhelmed as a family at times.

"So this song is really just a testimony song. It also is just a song that really, I think, builds an altar for my wife and I to just look back and see what God did and how He made a way for us." 

Check out the full interview below and hear St. Cyr's words of encouragement for anyone who is facing difficult decisions, transitions, and the unknown.

You'll be able to get the new song through his website on Friday, and of course, you'll hear it on CHVN. Be sure to download our app so you can stream CHVN wherever you are.