Jordan St.Cyr is joining other well-known artists like Tasha Layton and David Dunn on a US-based label.

"A couple of years ago, my manager, Rebecca Jones, and I started pursuing labels and we had some labels pursue us. We started that relationship."

At that time, nothing came out of that process for St.Cyr, even though a few labels showed some interest. 

"We wanted to put out a new record with a new label partnership and that didn't materialize. I just got to the point where, 'that's it, I just need to put out new music'."

With no label backing him, St.Cyr decided to take a risk and record five new songs, including his charting song, 'Fires'.

 "We thought it was a good song but we really didn't know if it was going to be truly successful or not. We launched that in May and it's still charting in the US and Canada," he says.

The ongoing success of this song born out of personal hardships caught the attention of a few labels. 

"BEC Recordings based in Seattle, WA, we just hit it off and it was the right partnership. It felt like it was the right next step to take."

On November 10 St.Cyr announced the partnership with the Christian label on social media. Signing with BEC Recordings has opened the door for more music opportunities, tours, and financial backing when it comes to new albums. 

"It expands my reach to make a deeper impact," St.Cyr says. "We have all this support that we've never had before and I'm blown away and truly grateful for this opportunity."

With a wife and four kids at home, signing onto a label will mean a dream come true while also spending more time away from family. 

"For me, it's all about connecting with people, like at the merch table after the show. My wife knows that. One thing I like to do is bring the kids on the road when we're able to."

St.Cyr doesn't want this to be a negative for his children but rather an adventure. 

"We're looking at releasing a full-length album in the spring. The label has asked me to record four more songs, so we'll have a ten-song album. Plus, we'll be shooting a music video for 'Fires' soon."

The six songs St.Cyr recorded late last year in Nashville will be on the new record, along with the new ones he'll be recording state-side again.

"We're called to love on people. I think when you have this opportunity to love on people that do what you do it becomes a natural fit. I found those people in Nashville and it's become a second home," he says.