Being tired is something that many people face, but when it becomes a normal experience, it can really affect your life.

Dr. Trevor Clark and Dr. Jane Peterson from Connect Chiropractic have a developed a program for women who are constantly tired.

“They think it’s the new normal when they’re not sleeping well, waking up multiple times at night, or they’re not waking up feeling refreshed,” explained Clark.

But those symptoms are not normal.

Experiencing tiredness consistently is something that shouldn’t be a regular thing in your life. Connect Chiropractic has been developing a program for ”those who are having more off days then say another person,” says Peterson.

The Warrior Woman's Guide to Inner Power is a program to help you go from being

“tired, frustrated, and overwhelmed to doing all the things you need to be doing on a daily basis,” announced Peterson.

This program is for women who are exhausted from taking care of their children while going to work or those who are stay-at-home moms.

Younger woman can also benefit from the program, Peterson says, whether stress from school or career is weighing them down.

“Many women are rarely spending that time for themselves.”

The program has been developed to be completed online, with dietary and exercise recommendations included to help women achieve the most during their days, Clark said.

“If you give the body what it needs, it’s going to flourish,” said Clark.

Those who are interested in the Warrior Women's Program can visit or contact Connect Chiropractic for more information.


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