The Recovery of Hope counselling team in Winnipeg were the happy recipients of CHVN's last Brewed with Gratitude coffee break Tuesday morning. 

The counsellors at Recovery of Hope had many of their sessions online with individuals during the pandemic. Some of the counsellors are still working from home approaching the summer months, however, there was some staff in the building located at 900 Harrow Ave. East. 

"My colleagues have been working multiple shifts, giving of their off-work time to care for individuals at the mental health centre," says Lavonne Kroeker who nominated Eden Mental Health Services. 

Coffee and muffins from McDonald's and thanks to St. Leon Gardens were the bright spots in the staff members' day. 

"Working in mental health can be challenging and doing so through the pandemic, crazy winter and dealing with being short-staffed makes them very deserving of this treat."

Thanks to everyone who nominated a person, workplace, or church group during the past few months of CHVN's Brewed with Gratitude.