One Christian singer says after taking a break from social media, she discovered the habit did not breed anything "hopeful or fruitful."

Earlier in August, Lauren Daigle took a break from social media. While her own social media team continued to post on her behalf, Daigle says she stopped strolling.

Daigle says she was experiencing the fear of missing out on what people were doing. She found that while seeing what others were doing, she began comparing herself to them.

"There was just a feeling of 'I do not want to live my life feeling like I am constantly comparing how I spend my time comparing to how the person next to me spends their time," Daigle says in a Facebook video. "It literally just brought about unhealthy comparison of how I am spending my time and making me feel like I am missing out on things that I actually did get to enjoy."

She says that while comparison can be good for things like sporting events, Daigle says people need to be cautious when it comes to being competitive about their lives.

"It can propel you to be the best version of yourself if you do it in a healthy manner," she says.

When it involves identity, Daigle says that is where comparison gets tricky. She did not believe that social media had a strong hold on her, but her fast showed her how much it affected the singer.

"What is breeds in my life is nothing potent or fruitful or not, at least, bearing a fruit that I want to be a part of."

Daigle says after scrolling, she was focussing on what other people were doing. The singer then decided it was time for her to take a break.

"As soon as I got on it, and had that experience with it, I was like, I am ready to just be done with it."

Daigle says that she watched friends who do not have social media, and how the lack of it affected their daily decisions. She found that her friends without socials appeared to be freer.

"There is never this background noise of 'what is everyone else doing."

The singer says that she will be using social media less frequently in the future, however, her team is still posting on Daigle's official accounts.

Not long after Daigle's video, her team posted a teaser saying "Something is coming!!" on social media with photos of Daigle in a studio.


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Posted by Lauren Daigle on Monday, August 24, 2020