What started as writing prayerful letters to a future unknown person has turned into a powerful book. 

In 2013, Reese Nevis started writing letters as part of a prayerful exercise. 

"I simply began to write letters to God about my future husband and then I was led by the Holy Spirit to write letters to my future husband," Nevis explained.

She was 22-years-old and unmarried but knew that she would one day find the right guy. She wrote about her future husband and the qualities he needed to have. These including being a believer in Christ and a prayer warrior.

Nowhere did she say that her future husband needed to be a defensive tackle, but that is exactly what happened. Nevis married Winnipeg Blue Bombers' defensive tackle Drake Nevis in 2017.

Drake read the letters that Reese had written for her future husband.

"I was like yeah, she's talking to my spirit," Drake said. "Every criterion on there is a check with my name."

Reese has turned these letters into a new book Letters To My Future Husband. The book is a collection of 34 letters that Reese wrote to her future husband while still unmarried. Her hope isn't just to have people read it but to engage and make it personable. 

That's why she left spots on each letter to allow women to write their own names in and blank letters to let women write their own letters, encouraging them to be rooted in scripture. 

Her best advice for unmarried women is to realize the difference between single and unmarried. Reese says 'single' means separate, whole, and unique.

"You have a purpose together as a married union, but you also have your own individual purpose," Reese said. "You have to be set aside, you have to be unique, you have to be whole."

When looking for a husband, her advice is to focus on God instead.

You can purchase Letters, and find out more information, here.