Jason Roy, lead vocalist of Grammy-nominated and Dove Award-winning Building 429 has released a new song. 

'It's All Yours' is the first of several singles set to debut in the coming months from the multi-artist A New Heaven And A New Earth project. Each artist on the album responded to the call to write and record a song on how taking care of creation is to glorify God. (Genesis 2:15).

Roy says, 'It's All Yours' was inspired by a life-changing experienced claiming the Half Dome summit in California's Yosemite National Park. 

“I really wanted to write a song that echoes how small I feel in this space, and yet how important my role here is,” says Roy. “I look around and see what an incredible gift has been put into our hands. Thinking about the Earth, the massive Redwood trees, the mountains…I sat down at the piano and wrote bursting forth from the ground to the sky, the opening line in the song that runs right into every breath, in and out, you give life, every moment an eternity between what could be and what shouldn’t be, it’s all yours.”

Jason says it was really important for him to create a song that would have a world vibe. 

"I wanted it to echo around the globe that something bigger and larger is going on here, working hard to keep an ethereal nature to it.”

'It's All Yours' will be followed up by a number of other songs in the coming months. A New Heaven And A New Earth project is expected to be release before fall.