"The body of Christ has an unbelievable opportunity to spread God's love," says Christian artist Natasha Owens.

The new pro-life single 'Stand for Life' was released July 1, exactly one week after the Supreme Court made the decision to overturn the infamous 'Roe v. Wade' case which now allows states to decide their own abortion laws. 

"The Supreme Court just delivered the most historic victory ever in the fight for life," says Owens in an interview. "Roe v. Wade--the cause of millions of innocent babies' senseless deaths--has been overturned. I always hoped but never thought that I would see Roe overturned in my lifetime. In a world that has such darkness, a spark of light has been given to us."

Her new album American Patriot was released on July 1 as well and has 10 songs on it, including 'Stand for Life.' 

"But our work is not done. Now is the time to love and help be a part of the solution for mothers who are scared and without hope. We must be bold in our proclamation to stand for life. I have witnessed incredible opposition when I have stood for life, but I stand boldly and unashamed in front of God and a watching world. We must never be afraid to stand up for what is right."

After hitting the Christian music scene in 2016, Owens started touring with names like Michael W. Smith and Jason Crabb. 

"I pray that 'Stand For Life' will give others enough strength to boldly stand."

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