An up-and-coming Christian artist and father of three released a new single about the hope of seeing his friend in heaven again one day. 

Justin Warren's new single is called 'See You Again' and is all about his best friend Luke DeGroff.

"I hope and pray this song blesses and encourages you and that it fills you with the hope of Heaven," says Warren.


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DeGroff, although six years Warren's senior, acted like an older brother. 

"We did everything together from going out to the beach to riding four-wheelers," says Warren in an interview.  "After he graduated high school, he joined the Army where he became a crew chief on a Black Hawk helicopter."

When Warren was a freshman in high school he got a call that DeGroff had been killed in a helicopter accident in Honduras. 

"The news rocked my world and broke my heart. But I wrote this song because I know Luke knew Jesus as his Savior, and I do too. One glorious day I am going to see my best friend again in Heaven. I wrote ‘See You Again’ looking forward to our reunion."