Lighting up the CCM scene back in the early 2000s, Rachael Lampa is releasing music once more and collaborating with Christian legend Tobymac. 

Lampa's new single 'Perfectly Loved' features harmonies with her longtime friend, Tobymac. It was released on April 8.

"Proud to be a guest on this with my longtime friend @rachaellampa ," says Tobymac on Instagram. "She’s a LEGIT vocalist/artist but more importantly an absolutely LEGIT person. The song is so special. Thanks for having me, it’s truly an honor!"

Lampa was at the top of her CCM game in the early 2000s alongside artists like Rebecca St. James, Stacci Orrico, Mary Mary, and Nicole C. Mullen. 

"It’s funny how so many times in life when you set out to help someone, you end up being the one who gets helped," says Lampa on Instagram. "That's what the journey of 'Perfectly Loved' has been for me."

Her last album released was All We Need in 2011. Since then she has released a few singles in 2019, 2020, and 2021. 

"I think of all the times I sat there at Wild Ones with Amanda saying these exact words to the girls in jail- and now to have your voice echoing it out into the world with me… It’s an absolute dream," says Lampa on Instagram about Tobymac. "You and your family mean the world to me and my family."