While Christian singer TobyMac has walked a hard road after the death of his oldest son, he continues to sing of 'The Goodness' of God. 

"It’s been a long journey that the new full-length album basically chronicles (coming later)….. “the goodness” is where the journey landed…when I wrote on a napkin one day, “you’re still the goodness in my life” I realized that glimpses of light push through even in the darkest valley," says TobyMac the day before he released the single. 

His single 'The Goodness' was released today and features up-and-coming Christian artist Blessing Offer. 

"It features an unbelievable vocalist, the one and only @blessingoffor," says TobyMac. "So grateful for what he brought to this track."

Blessing Offer was recently on stage with Chris Tomlin at the Red Rock Amphitheatre in Colorado, performing some worship songs together. 

TobyMac's new album, Life After Death, will be released on August 19, 2022. It will be his 8th studio album. 

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