One resident made an unexpected discovery while cleaning out his garage. 

On May 28 at approximately 12:30 p.m., General Patrol Officers from the East District responded to reports that an explosive device, appearing to be a grenade was found in a Kildare-Redonda neighbourhood.

Police were notified immediately, and arrived with a member of the WPS Bomb Unit. The grenade was safely removed with assistance of the Canadian Armed Forces Ammunition Technicians. It was determined to be a live ordnance.

While the origin of the grenade is unknown, it is not believed to be stored with criminal intent. 

Explosive devices are found within commercial or residential properties from time to time, after being improperly left behind. They should always be treated as live ordnance. 

  • Do not handle or move
  • Call 911 – describe what you have located (looks like a grenade, explosives, bomb, suspicious package with wires or timing device)
  • Leave area and wait for emergency personnel to arrive