A local singer-songwriter is releasing a brand new album with songs that combine the old with the new.

Barbara Joy has been singing since she was eight when she participated in worship at her church. Music continued throughout her life, leading her to take classical piano and classical voice at Canadian Mennonite University.

Songwriting, however, wasn't always a part of that.

"I've always been singing," Joy remembered. "The songwriting came later for me."

That part of her musical career started after a voice teacher encouraged her to just go for it. It turns out, Joy found it easier than she imagined.

"I sat down and enjoyed making my own music," Joy said. "I was very ready to play something and sing something that I had written."

She released an EP first, then followed that up with a Christmas album. Now, she is ready to come out with a brand new release, featuring a mix of worship songs, folk music, children's songs, and even old hymns.

The old hymns have gotten Joy very excited. The album contains 'Nothing But The Blood (Washes Over Me)' and 'My Jesus, I Love Thee (Hallelujah).'

"Those old hymns, I have added verses and choruses and made them more contemporary," Joy said. "We're quite excited about that."

Joy describes the album as Christian Gospel and is excited to share the music she has written with everyone. Part of that excitement is about her songs, but Joy says there is something incredible about corporate worship.

"The whole church is getting involved," Joy says, mentioning that other local artists she has talked to feel the same way with worship songs and regular songs.

Baraba Joy is releasing her album God's Wonder on May 6 at 7:00 p.m. The concert at La Salle Community Fellowship Church will feature guest singer Jayme Giesbrecht, guest speaker Al Friesen, and Joy's band. Joy promises that it's going to be an incredible night of worship and has opened the doors to anyone who is interested.