Jen and Brad Klassen have released the second book of their Unforgettable Adventures of Junior Bear kids book series. 

This one is called The Kite Festival and was released on October 17, 2020. The illustrator is Christopher Barkman.

"It started when we agreed to help out the kids ministry at our church. I became a storyteller/teacher for 3-5-year-olds. It was a way to bring really tough stories to life and make them understandable for kids," says Brad.  

At first, the Klassen's shared these stories verbally, at Sunday School and summer camps. The couple attends Crossview Church in their home city of Steinbach. 

"When we turned them into books it was because of a lot of parent volunteers would come to us and be like 'wow, that really got to me.' One mom told me to record these so she could listen to them while they're on their holidays this summer," says Jen.

This second book is about kindness and the importance of saying 'thank you' with Junior Bear at the forefront.

The Kite Festival has been short-listed for the Word Guild's Word Awards, which is across Canada. They are nominated for Top Children's Book as well as Cover Art. 

The first Junior Bear book the Klassen's released is called The Greatest Gift


With files from Corny Rempel.