Gloria Fligg is the author of the brand new fun and lesson-filled children's book called Don't Be Preposterous, Mr. Rhinoceros.

Fligg is also a teacher at Springs Christian Academy in Winnipeg.

"I do what's called student services working in a department for children with additional needs. As well, I support a lot of the early year's literacy, and do a lot of reading groups," says Fligg.

Her new children's book is geared to help children understand why the world has changed drastically in the past year.

"It is a book about the global events going on right now," says Fligg. "Actually when I began writing I thought this would all be over by the time the book was published, but no, we're still in it."

Fligg started writing it in March of 2020 and it was released one year later, in March 2021. The children's book doesn't actually mention the word COVID or pandemic at all. 

"Mr. Rhinoceros is a friendly florist that loves his friends and customers. But one day he hears about these vicious vines that are growing everywhere and everything has to be closed. He doesn't know how to help but he tries to help his friends."

The allegory covers what people can do during a time in isolation. 

"It's a story about hope, resiliency, compassion, and just figuring out what we can do to support our community," without cutting off the relevancy even once the pandemic is over, says Fligg, which allows the story to be timeless.

The book has flowers, planting seeds, and garden themes in it, and as a Christian teacher, Fligg says there are relevant lessons inside. 

"I think of the verse 'Let's not become weary in doing what's good because at the right time we are going to reap a harvest,' so let's not give up. There is a lot of weariness in the world today. As a Christian teacher and writer, those are messages I want kids to receive."

Her son Benjamin illustrated the book. 

"He's just now finishing his digital media design course at Red River College. So I had this idea and at the time he was learning from home with his classes online, so I said, 'Benjamin, draw the pictures.' And he really took it on," she says. 

Fligg has read her book to two of the classes she works with and already received great feedback. Her book, Don't Be Preposterous, Mr. Rhinoceros, also comes as an ebook so teachers can read it to their class using a projector to keep kids distanced. 

Don't Be Preposterous, Mr. Rhinoceros