'Be My Defender' is the new single being released by five-time Covenant Award winner Jordan St.Cyr, in response to an awful month his family had.

"This song was the first song I wrote after we heard about Emery's diagnosis," says Christian artist Jordan St.Cyr. 

St.Cyr's youngest daughter Emery was diagnosed with a rare condition called Sturge Weber Syndrome when she was 6 months old. 

The song came out of continual negative circumstances that happened to the family all at once. 

"Our car broke down, it was billowing smoke. We came home to our oldest daughter Willa who broke her leg. We were in and out of the Emergency Room with Emery trying to get a handle on her seizures. On the way home from that last hospital visit, our car broke down for a second time and then our family got hit with the flu."

The song could have been titled 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' but instead, St.Cyr simply cried out to God. 

"It was a month of feeling like we were just being attacked. It felt like everything was against us and I had to just surrender everything and just go to God and say 'I need you to defend me because I am a wreck.'"

This new single, similar to his well-known song 'Fires' can act as a reminder of God's strength, even when people are weak. 

"The song is for people who are walking out something difficult presently. I think they need to know that God is fighting an unseen battle around them. This fight is not of flesh and blood, but it's a spiritual battle."

St.Cyr has been collaborating with some well-known Christian artists, such as Matthew West. 

"I was super excited and honoured to be writing with someone who've I looked up to most of my life. I remember when 'The Motions' came out and that was a song, it was like a landmark for me in my faith. I didn't want to just believe to believe, I wanted it to matter."

As COVID-19 restrictions make it difficult to travel for song-writing, St.Cyr connected with West virtually.

"It was an incredible honour to write with someone of that calibre. Then you get into the writing room and it's just a normal song-writing session. We wrote a couple of great songs in about four hours," he says. 

St.Cyr is releasing a new EP including this new single on March 12, 2021.