Men who are coming out of incarceration here in Winnipeg are finding hope and a home through Future Hope. 

Pauline Hince is the Capacity Building Manager at Future Hope. 

"This summer, as all of us are readjusting because of the two-year pandemic, when we take a look at the rearview mirror, this summer was so nice," says Hince. "We added a lot of social outings, nature walks, which belonging to the community once again was enjoyed by all of our guys."

Future Hope offers men released from prison two homes in which to rebuild their lives. Quixote House is a community living space where men have their own room but live together while doing chores and taking care of the house. Their second home, Massie House, is more affordable for independent living.

Upcoming Events

In December the charity is putting on Christmas at Quixote House to celebrate the holidays. 

"A big part for us in November is restorative justice," says Hince. "There's a special week, from November 20-26, it's restorative justice week and it has particular meaning to us."

CHVN will host a different member from Future Hope each day of that week to shed light on the topic. 

"We'll be exploring themes of relationships, respect, responsibility, repair, and reintegration. We'll explore through different speakers what restorative justice means to them, as they have lived experience."

The charity focuses on helping each man thrive and find a second chance after leaving prison. 

"A big part of that is restoration and how to forgive the harm they've done and how to restore the relationship with the community. It's also lined up with Giving Tuesday and we're pairing these at the same time."