Heidi Korte is releasing a Christmas song that includes back-ups from her family and has some 'Finnish'-ing touches. 

Korte recently released a music video starring her family for a Christmas original called 'Flying High o'er a Silent Night.'

"In this song, I'm joined by my brother, Steven, his wife, Melissa, and their three kids, Elsie, Gilead, and Eliorah. They're used to my shenanigans."

Each Christmas Korte sends her nieces and nephew a Christmas story via video on Christmas Day with original songs. This song was one Korte sent the children last year. Korte's family lives in Ontario where she originally grew up, and she lives in Winnipeg teaching music. 

"I'm Finnish/Canadian and there's something about that in, we like the melancholy, the dark season. Fins tend to listen to a lot of melancholy, sad songs. This feels very mystical. To me, it feels like you're out on a silent night in the snow. Lady Winter, it's actually a reference to the lady of the cold from the kids' Moomin Valley books by Tov Jansen."

Korte is working on her first published book that will be available in the new year, titled On the Edge of Greatness: Removing Mental Obstacles that Kill Creativity.