A Christian musician's song about following God came out at a perfect time, during the beginning of a worldwide pandemic.

Carine Bado, a singer-songwriter from Winnipeg, intended for her new song, "You Lead Me" to be released on her birthday, which happens to be in March, right at the time Manitobans saw the start of COVID-19 changes.

"It was the beginning of the year and I had my goals and my dreams like everybody. I really felt in my heart when I was praying for God’s leadership, to really pray to Him for His plans be revealed to me and for Him to make me strong."

The musician, originally from the Ivory Coast, says the song is upbeat and happy, something that people can look forward to listening to in the mornings. 

"I just wrote something that was really easy for me to sing in the morning. Something really upbeat that can start my day."

"You Lead Me" is Bado's third original single, having released her first one only one year ago. It is even more impressive knowing that Bado released her new song in between working and caring for a toddler at home.

Bado says the new track was inspired by Pslams 23. 

"(The song) really made me feel happy and joyful," she says. "This is a very upbeat song."

Even though Manitoba is in the middle of a pandemic, Bado hopes her song will bring joy.

"What is happening is very unfortunate but at least I still have this song that can really change the atmosphere. Even though we cannot socialize like we used to we can still have a good time."

Bado adds that "in the unknown, all we can do, is to surrender everything to Him and have faith in His plan."