Tirrell Thomas faced many hardships in his life before realizing that he needed community and God to help him, he now dedicates his newest song to this lesson.

Before finding God's love, Tirrell Thomas searched for love in different ways, including money, fame, alcohol and women. It wasn't until a difficult breakup with his girlfriend in 2012-13 that he started to really question what real love was.

This journey of finding unconditional love led Thomas to write a new song called "What's Real Love" featuring Scribe Music. The last time the rapper released new music was in 2019 when he was touring with a group called Live Different.

"Growing up I didn't know the definition of love because I had kind of a bad example of it," says Thomas.

The local artist knew that if he didn't change his life that he would be going down a bad road and so he gave himself to God, which if he didn't, he says he wouldn't be here today.

In his decision to live for God, he knew he had to do something about his addiction to alcohol especially since things started to take a turn for the worst when the pandemic hit.

"I was in the hospital for a long time [due to alcohol] and when I was in the hospital the last time, the doctor was like 'if your heart stops, so you want us to do everything we can to bring you back?' And I kind of laid on my bed and I was thinking that I'm actually killing myself, like, alcohol is a form of suicide and I'm actually killing myself and I didn't even know it."

Thomas then admitted himself into the detox program at the Health Science Centre and then went to Bruce Oake Recovery Centre where he graduated in December 2022.

"All these men over there, you know, I'm staying in a building with 50 and it's just unconditional love. No matter what your story is, there's no judgment. They still love you for who you are."

The local rapper encourages people to not look for love in the wrong place, and that they know where true love comes from. God.

Listen to 'What Real Love Is' on YouTube.