A singer from Southeastern Manitoba is releasing a faith-based song called 'What Are You Running From?'

The Steinbach singer, Lorne Kauenhofen, goes by the stage name LMNK which are his initials. 

"I've grown up listening to music and singing. I remember when I was young, there's this one thought in my head that kind of encouraged me to keep going with music."

The encouragement came from Kauenhofen's older sister. 

"I was doing the dishes, singing quietly to myself and I remember my older sister peeking around the corner, listening."

A moment that could have led to embarrassment considering the young age Kauenhofen was at, turned into future inspiration. 

"She encouraged me and said it sounded really good. I thought, maybe there is something to this. From then I started writing songs."

At first, writing songs and singing was a hobby of his, but then music turned into an outlet for the hard seasons Kauenhofen was facing. 

"I was in a dark place with anxiety and depression and music became a way to express myself and what I was going through."

He put out a song titled 'Anxious' in 2016. Continuing on, Kauenhofen put out a recorded six-track EP. 

His latest single is called 'What Are You Running From?' and it was written by a friend of his. 

"I feel like it relates to me because personally in my faith journey there have been times when I pushed God away. The song talks about who God is and what He's done for us."

Kauenhofen says a full-length album in the works.