The band known as Bread We Break is sharing four new refreshing singles with their young adult audience. 

Alexander Grant is the frontman for the band, that couples as a worship event also known as Bread We Break.

"Bread We Break has been around for 10 years and was birthed by a young adult in the city named Sarah Brown, but she was Sarah Froese at the time. The name comes from 1 Corinthians 10:16-17," he says.

It's been three years since Grant joined the group, hoping to provide fresh new worship songs and experience. 

"It's always been a place where young adults and anyone from any denomination can come and lift high the name of Jesus in worship, remember Him constantly in communion, and unite His church in fellowship."

Take One is this group's first EP, with four songs on it. 

"The last three years we've written 15 songs, collaboratively, which has been such an amazing process. We've created this repertoire of music that is Spirit-filled and led, as well as deeply theological," says Grant.

The group is hoping to release Take Two later this year and Take Three in 2022. Over the past year Bread We Break has offered young adults a worship experience online due to the pandemic.

In September there will be another worship evening, however, the group doesn't know if it'll be in-person or online just yet.