Christian rapper Manafest says inspiration struck for his latest song after watching the hit film Unplanned.

Christopher Greenwood, AKA Manafest, says he was also inspired by the documentary Hush and began writing a new single, 'Plan For Me,' as a result. 

"I've been praying all year about how God can use my platform in music to kind of speak out in music like this in a really loving way ...  and that is when I started to write the lyrics to 'Plan For Me.'"

Greenwood says he and his wife were impacted by Unplanned and Hush and that advocating for those who can not speak for themselves was really on his heart.

After writing the song Greenwood says a friend suggested that his wife track some of the vocals for the song, making it his first time recording with her. Greenwood's daughter later showed up in his home studio and recorded some nursery rhymes making it "a real family effort."

The song tells the story of young parents who aborted their child, then flips to the "child's perspective, being in heaven and ending in forgiveness and grace."

This is not a true story from Greenwood's own past, however, he says, "one thing that is true is that we were trying to have our second baby at the time and the day we found out invitro failed was the day my wife was scheduled to record her singing."

Greenwood hopes that this song will "bring awareness to the truth about abortion ... and make an impact on pro-life and people not making decisions just on what they see.

"I feel like I learned a lot as well and that is why I decided to write about this is because I feel like my eyes were opened on so many things," Greenwood says.

"We are not in World War One or Two right now but I do believe there is a war going on. It is about getting the truth out there and standing up for what you believe in ... because if you do not stand up for somthing there is nothing for people to stand up with you for."

The single is set to release on Friday, September 6, 2019.