The 2019 Canadian Christian Radio Chart reveals that six of the most-listened-to songs on Canadian Christian radio belonged to Manitobans, with one artist snagging a spot in the top five.

The Color, Jordan St Cyr, Love & the Outcome, and Tim Neufeld all have songs on this year's Top 100 list.

The list is put together by the Canadian Christian Radio Chart who looks at the top songs played by Canadian Christian radio stations throughout the year. The Color and Love & the Outcome both made appearances on the 2018 Top 100 list from Canadian Christian Radio Chart.

Manitoba Artists on 2019's Top 100 Canadian Christian Radio Chart:

#99 "Victory" by Jordan St Cyr - Winnipeg, Manitoba

#87 "Blessed" by Tim Neufeld: Tim & The Glory Boys - Winnipeg, Manitoba

#65 "You Got This" by Love & the Outcome - Winnipeg, Manitoba

#61 "Let it Love" by The Color - Winkler, Manitoba

#52 "Lay It Down" by Jordan St Cyr - Winnipeg. Manitoba

#5 "The Kind of Man" by The Color - Winkler, Manitoba