Indoor play dates are off the table for winter break, even if the children are in the same school cohorts.

The Chief Public Health Officer is reinforcing his ask for Manitobans to stay home, in their own households this Christmas. He says this includes avoiding travelling to rental cabins in places such as Kenora or to Asessippi in efforts to skirt the restrictions.

Over the break, students are asked to stay within their households and cannot socialize indoors with other students who were in their same cohorts in school.

"I do understand everyone's fatigue with that, but the answer to that is no," the doctor says.

Roussin says that small outdoor gatherings of five people or less continues to be acceptable. If children wish to see other children over their Christmas break, they can have playdates outside of five people or fewer, including adult supervision. 

"I would focus Manitobans, in this holiday season no matter how difficult it is, to reduce the number of contacts we have outside of our household."

The doctor says the province is seeing the COVID-19 case count trend down but does not want people to letup on their efforts. He says the vaccine is a "glimmer of hope" but it will take time for them to arrive. There is currently a significantly higher demand than the supply for the vaccine that will continue into the spring.