While there are a couple bone-chilling temperatures in store for us, for the most part March will ease in like a lamb.

CHVN's weather expert, CMOS accredited weathercaster Chris Sumner, tells us that we should see seasonal temperatures for the beginning of the month.

"We're expecting a very chilly evening tonight, and tomorrow will be well below average for our daytime high. But after that there are seasonal temperatures for the rest of the week. In fact we might be above seasonal temperatures for a day or two."

As far as spring-like stormy weather, so far it looks like we should miss that. "There is some suggestion that mid-next-week we might see 5-10 cm of snow, but that of course can change in a hurry when we're talk seven days out in the long-range forecast."

The final verdict? "I would definitely say, in my humble opinion, March 2017 is coming in like a lamb." Whether it leaves like a lion is yet to be seen, however.

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