This past weekend Christians from all denominations flooded the streets of Paris, near the Eiffel Tower, for the March for Jesus France. 

"We do believe it’s God’s time for this city, nation, this continent and this generation for the greatest revival and harvest in history," says Pastor Jean-Luc Trachsel, who spoke during the event. "So beautiful to see this multitude from so many denominations including non-charismatic people and so many who just got saved being baptized and filled with The Holy Spirit and fire."

The March for Jesus France, which started in 1991, had roughly 15,000 people gather in the city of Paris last year. A few other cities in France participate each year on the same day as well, including Lille, Nantes, Metz, and Strasbourg. Last year the smaller cities had roughly 3,000 people join. 


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"We must put Christ at the center of everything, he is the only one who brings us together, through whom we can be saved and the response to the needs of the French," said Pastor Gilbert Léonian, the man in charge of March for Jesus France in Paris. 

Attendance records were broken this year, according to French authorities, as 25,000 people gathered around the Eiffel Tower, and thousands in the other four French cities. 

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"We opened ourselves to the entire evangelical Protestant spectrum thanks to the participation of several churches such as MLK, Hillsong, ICC, but also Baptist, charismatic, and more traditional Protestant churches," says Léonian. "This is my role, as coordinator, to keep unity and unite around Jesus."

The march took place on May 25 and the event ended with a concert by Hillsong FR and the Catholic group, Glorious. 

"In the midst of chaos, wars, opposition, and even persecution, the Glory of God arises as we arise to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a demonstration of power," said Trachsel. "If we want to touch the world, there is one condition: it is to love each other as Christ loved us."


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