Working in radio, one of the hidden perks of my work is the regular research I do into the background of events and happenings both in our community, our country, and our world. Today is Martin Luther King Jr. day, and I want to take you deeper into the history and story with 5 enlightening videos and documentaries that will help you know the story more.

You've heard me discuss the details of Martin Luther King Jr.'s life on the airwaves, but the limited time only goes so far. It is so important that we remember what he stood for, not just in the broad general sense, but in the details of his life. For this reason, here are five enlightening videos.

This video, done by well-known kid sensation Kid President, is an actual kid's take on the story. It is absolutely wonderful.

Beginning with the shortest, here is an episode of reading rainbow presented and narrated by well-known actor and social activist Levar Burton - it presents the reverend's life story through illustrations and narration crafted for kids.

For a more in-depth but still summarized look at his life, here is a five-minute biography of his life by a fellow named Ben Dial. It provides a compacted summary of the events of his life.

Ending on an all-around look at Martin Luther King Jr.'s life we have Citizen King, a documentary created by the Public Broadcasting Service in the US that features a trove of footage and interviews with those connected to Luther King Jr. Here is part 1 of the documentary.

Be blessed on this day we celebrate triumph over injustice!