It sounds like some of kind of gritty remix or even just a dance number, but a mashup is actually as simple as it sounds - a song created by mashing part of one song together with the part of another. 

You may have hear Anthem Lights' fantastic live arrangement of 2014's top Christian music for K-Love, but that isn't quite it either. In a mashup, a remix artist takes pieces of the actual studio recording and combines them in the studio into an artistic reproduction that can combine in some cases up to four or five songs.

A notable example of this would be Sparrow Records' 2003 album "Smashups," which contains a wealth of mashups featuring Christian Artists and Bands fromt that era, such as TobyMac, Rebecca St. James, Grits, Switchfoot, etc. Though it's still over 10 years old, the album can still be purchased online here.

Here's the example I played on air just recently. It features "Dive" by steven Curtis Chapman, "All Fall Down" by Grits, and "Get Down" by Audio Adrenaline.

Feast those ears on some more interesting mashups.

Relient K vs Wham!


Lecrae vs Kristy Marie

Lecrae & Andy Mineo

Here is another that unfornately weren't able to embed. It is the rapping of New York Christian Rapper Andy Mineo overlayed on top of the music of David Crowder.