God Behind Bars witnessed lives change radically during a recent baptism service inside a maximum security prison. 

While 20 prisoners in South Dakota had originally signed up to be baptized through the ministry, five more men decided to be spontaneously baptized last week during the service.

"We did this event knowing that 20 men were signed up," says God Behind Bars on Instagram. "But when the gospel was preached, 5 more men came to Jesus and came out to get baptized! One man who got baptized was leading a Wiccan group, came to Jesus and was baptized!"


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God Behind Bars' mission is to restore the lives of inmates by building their faith during incarceration and after their release. They have been doing this since 2009 and the ministry has seen many lives radically changed because of the gospel. 

"Another man has been in prison for 40 years and is serving a life sentence. He wasn’t signed up to be baptized but made the spontaneous decision to be baptized."

The CEO of God Behind Bars, Jake Bodine, wants to reach over 3 million prisoners with the hope of Jesus. The prison ministry does this through in-person services, personal relationships, as well as their app that allows prisoners to stream sermons, listen to worship music, and read the Bible.