A song about overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles has created a firestorm from people on social media.

MercyMe's latest song is called 'Say I Won't'. The song was inspired by an old friend, Gary. 

After going into septic shock last year, Gary lost all four of his limbs. His tenacity to press forward and learn to do life in a different way gave the band the idea for this powerful new song. 

"I can do all things
Through Christ who gives me strength
So keep on saying I won’t
and I’ll keep proving you wrong," posted MercyMe to their Instagram one week ago.

People started responding to the song's message, including well-known Christian artist TobyMac. 

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TobyMac lost his oldest son Truett to an accidental overdose last year

This song inspired many people who are facing hard situations to the point that people started taking pictures of their stories, starting with 'Say I Won't' and then what they are believing for. 

One girl's paper says 'Say I Won't find my forever family' and another one says 'Say I Won't overcome my anxiety'.

One little boy Charlie who is battling cancer and doing rounds of chemo posted a photo with a paper that reads 'Say I Won't beat cancer!' with a big smile.