A former tribal warrior who became a living testimony of the transformative work of Jesus after he killed two missionaries in 1956 has died.

Mincaye Enquedi was a member of the Huoni people of Ecuador. Five missionaries, Jim Elliot, Peter Fleming, Ed McCully, Nate Saint, and Roger Youderian, were killed by members of the tribe when the missionaries attempted to make contact. Mincaye is believed to have speared Saint and McCully.

After the deaths of the missionaries, others continued to reach out to the tribe. Peaceful contact was made in 1958, and missionaries began to live with the people, learning their language and teaching them about the Bible. Mincaye quickly came to faith in Christ.

Missionaries that lived with the tribe included Nate Saint's brother, and Nate's son, Steve. Mincaye saw himself responsible for Nate's son, and adopted Steve Saint as his tribal son. Steve would grow to call Mincaye dad, and Steve's children referred to Mincaye as Grandfather.

Mincaye would become known for his preaching to other tribes and was a much-respected elder in the Ecuadorian Church.

"This sweet, silly, always smiling, always teasing, constantly giggling, grandfather to many walked to the end of his trail today into the arms of His Savior," says Jessica Shea Saint in an online post announcing Mincaye's passing. Jessica is the wife of Jaime, who is Nate's grandson.

"What an impact he had on this world. God wrote an amazing story of love and forgiveness through his life. He was a willing vessel. I am forever thankful God intertwined our stories. Mincaye, you are loved by so many and I can’t imagine how big your smile must be now," Jessica says.

Mincaye was believed to be around 90-years-old.