A mother from Kentucky who recently lost both legs and is scheduled to have her hands amputated is praising God for saving her life. 

In October, 41-year-old Lucinda Mullins went in for surgery to remove a kidney stone. A second stone remained, and a stent was put in to help it pass. A few days later, the stent was removed, and Mullins began to feel very ill.

Her husband rushed her back to the hospital, where they discovered that she was in septic shock. She was quickly transferred to another hospital in Lexington, Kentucky, where she could receive the care needed. 

"My husband and sister were there, and they told them that I was on the edge of a cliff, and it was about to get worse before it got better," Mullins said in an interview with Good Morning America. "After the surgery, I was put on ECMO and dialysis and was still on the ventilator."

MullinsMullins in rehab after losing both legs above the knee. (GoFundMe)

Mullins eventually began to improve. She regained consciousness and was taken off the ventilator. However, her arms and legs had taken a hit from the septic shock, and she was told they needed to be amputated. 

"When they told me that was going to happen, that I was going to lose my hands and my feet, I wasn't angry," Mullins said in an interview with Good Morning America. "I had a peace about me. I just felt God's presence saying, 'It's going to be OK. You're alive. This is what has happened,' and I wasn't upset about it."

Since then, Mullins has had both legs amputated above the knee and is scheduled to have both hands removed within the next few weeks. 

Mullins says she is blown away by the support from friends, family and even strangers. From her family sitting at her bedside and helping feed her at the hospital to friends setting up a GoFundMe page, there has never been a time that Mullins feels she has been alone in this battle.

MullinsMullins' son helps feed her in hospital (GoFundMe)

"That has kind of been hard for me to wrap my head around," said Mullins about the support. "I'm a normal person, and for these people to do those things for me is just, you know, that's another God thing."

Mullins is now home with her husband, DJ, and their two sons, Teegan and Easton, adjusting to her new way of life.

"Without my faith, I don't think I could be where I'm at today. The plan is on Sunday morning, I'm going to church, and I cannot wait for that."