RCMP Manitoba says one of their officers pulled a man struggling to stay conscious out of icy waters.

On Wednesday morning, a man in Grand Rapids required rescuing from a strong current. Being carried downstream along with a strong Saskatchewan River current, the man was in need of immediate help.

Officers arrived at 9 a.m. after they were alerted to the man's distress. At this point, the man had floated 50 feet from a nearby bridge. RCMP called out to the man, telling him to swim and grab onto the icy surface as soon as he could. The man went along with the current, successfully clinging onto the edge of the ice.

Officers then used a rope throw bag to reach the man, but it did not work. The man was now losing consciousness and slipping under the icy waters. 

An officer who was trained as an Ice Rescue Technician sprung into action. The officer tied the rope from the throw bag around his waist. He then got the other responding officers and emergency services staff to anchor him and the rope.

With crews behind him, the officer lowered himself to the ice, crawling to the man in distress. Now reaching the man, the officer clung to him, allowing the other crew members to pull the man out of the water and both men off of the ice.

"The Manitoba RCMP offers ice rescue training to its officers, especially those working in northern Manitoba. In the last nine years, Manitoba RCMP has trained approximately 90 officers with this unique program," RCMP Manitoba says in a statement.

They say both the officer and the man were taken to the nearby nursing station. The rescuing officer had no injuries. The rescued man was treated for his minor injuries.