Mrs. Joanne Rogers, the widow of children's television show host and Presbyterian Minister Fred Rogers, has died at the age of 92.

Joanne, born in Jacksonville, Florida on March 9, 1928, was an accomplished piano player and heavily involved in the work her husband began with his television show.

Mr. Rogers died in 2003 after the couple spent 50 years together. The pair were married in 1952. They had two children together, John and James.

Fred Rogers Productions, the charity Joanne chaired after her husband's death, says they are deeply saddened at the loss. 

"Joanne was a brilliant and accomplished musician, a wonderful advocate for the arts, and a dear friend to everyone in our organization. We extend our heartfelt condolences to Joanne’s family and the thousands of people who had the privilege of knowing and loving her," Fred Rogers Productions tweets.

The Mayor of Pittsburgh, where the couple was from, released a statement thanking Joanne for her legacy.

"Through her grace, humor and down-to-earth demeanor Joanne Rogers personified what we love about the City of Pittsburgh. As the partner of Fred Rogers for a half-century she helped champion his good works to a global audience, and remained committed to his vision and to this city after his passing," Mayor William Peduto says. "She was always there when we needed her. I and countless others, from every walk of life, were humbled to call her a friend."