The military of Myanmar continues to bomb civilian targets. The junta has burned down over 28,000 homes since a February 2021 coup.

As order breaks down in the country, soaring food prices have caused a hunger crisis. Many people are fleeing the country if they get a chance.

AMG camp

In response, Brian Dennett with AMG International says, “AMG established a pretty large camp with over 50 homes for refugee families, and also two different hostels for unaccompanied children.”

The Connections podcast: real life, real faith

An AMG leadership team recently visited the camp. They met a young Christian woman with an amazing story. Dennett says, “As a young girl, she really suffered watching her mother abused, left scarred by her alcoholic father. And then her mom had become a Christian and prayed fervently for her father.”

“Miraculously, he came to Christ left his drinking and drugs.”

But as the military violence approached, her parents sent her across the border to safety. Dennett says on top of bombings and shootings, female civilians in Myanmar live in fear of being sexually assaulted by members of the military. “She’s now in our refugee village has come to the Lord herself. And I know our people were in tears watching her worship and now serve younger kids.”

One boy came into the camp traumatized, always wanting to fight others. Now, his voice has been heard singing with other children.


This story originally appeared at Mission Network News and is republished here with permission.