A well-known and respected Nashville area pastor and author has been put on indefinite leave.

Scott Sauls, who has pastored Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville for over a decade, apologized via a video, according to Religion News Services (RNS). 

The announcement was made on May 7 at a church meeting, stating that the leave was due to his conduct as a leader. 

RNS reported that Sauls apologized for his unhealthy leadership style, saying that he harmed the people who worked for him and the church.

"I verbalized insensitive and verbal criticism of others’ work," said Sauls in a video shared with Religion News Services. "I’ve used social media and the pulpit to quiet dissenting viewpoints. I’ve manipulated facts to support paths that I desire.”

He went on to say that he had not been involved in any sexual sin or substance abuse. However, he says he will be seeking out counselling and repentance during his time away. 

“I am grieved to say that I have hurt people,” he said. “I want to say to all of you that I am sorry,” said Sauls in a video shared with Religion News Services.

Church elders and members of the congregation hope the leave will lead to healing and reconciliation.