The former CO of Amazon Prime Video is using her skills to launch a Christian app that will bring believers together across the globe. 

"Zaia is a new app we just launched," says Ukonwa Ojo, founder and CEO of Zaia Ventures. "The entire premise of it is that there are 2.6 billion believers around the world but we are fragmented around 46,000 denominations. I really wanted to build a place for all God's kids to get together."

Zaia translated means 'the light.' Ojo is hoping this new app will allow Christians from every denomination to come together in unity. 

"When you come into the app, you have the opportunity to create or enjoy content that's been posted by other believers. You can join a tribe that already exists or if you don't see a community that shares your passion or calling, you can create that. You have the opportunity to read the Bible directly in the app as well as discover and connect with Christians all over the world."

Some tribes in the app that are already created are ones involving a passion for food, there's one for prayer requests and even one for people that love The Chosen TV series. Ojo says the possibilities are endless. 

"I spent years before this as an executive in the corporate world. Before this I was the Global CO of Amazon Prime Video, before that I was Global CO of Mac Cosmetics, and before that ran the Covergirl business."

While reading the Bible over a year and a half ago Ojo came across John 17:23 in which Jesus references the importance of unity within the body of Christ. 

"When I read that, I could not let it go. It became this burden so I said, 'Well, what can I do to accomplish this?' If this is His heart to God the Father in His most important time on earth, how can I use everything that I've learned and all these gifts and abilities to help Him accomplish that? That's how this started."

People interested in joining this online community can download the Zaia app on Android and Apple smartphones. 

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