A 'one-stop shop' medical clinic is hosting a grand opening this weekend, allowing community members to receive all sorts of medical help in a timely manner. 

Dr. Daniel Frimpongn and Dr. Dorothy Ogunlana have opened up a medical clinic in the south end of Winnipeg that offers a lot for members in Winnipeg. Both doctors moved to Winnipeg and previously served in the medical community in England. 

The care starts right when a patient walks into the new Fort Richmond Medical Clinic, according to Dr. Dorothy Ogunlana.

"So everything starts from the reception, so by the time they get to the doctor's room, half of their problems are solved," says Ogunlana.  "Then it just makes the atmosphere much, much lighter. Patients are already stressed, and they have lots on their minds. They're coming to the doctor's office and they are worried. So we want to make sure that they come in relaxed. They come into an environment that is welcoming."

The clinic is located at 120-2855 Pembina Highway. They offer a walk-in clinic, x-rays, and a pharmacy. They also have a nebulizer that helps children with whopping coughs or breathing issues. The only other place in Winnipeg that offers this is the Children's Hospital. This means people won't have to wait that long if this is the issue. 

"We have a psychiatry and counseling room here as well," says Ogunlana, sharing how their facility really can cover most medical issues. 

The grand opening will take place at Fort Richmond Medical Clinic on Saturday, April 8, at 12:00 p.m.