Over the next five weeks, people will have a chance to discuss and learn about ministering in the secular workplace.


"Marketplace Ministry" is the name of a new course at Steinbach Bible College. 

Michael Zwaagstra will be teaching the course. He's a teacher in the Hanover School Division, author, and Steinbach city councillor, and is excited to be the teaching professor as well.

"We'll be exploring the questions, 'what does it mean to be a Christian in the outside workplace?' and 'how should we live as Christians?'" Zwaagstra says. He feels they're important questions to ask, and discuss together.

He says the often we celebrate people who leave a secular job to go into full-time ministry, but if somebody leaves full-time ministry to go into secular work the opposite often happens. "We look at that and say, 'Boy, what happened? They must have failed. There must have been a problem in their ministry.' We seem to have this assumption that going from the secular workforce to full-time ministry is good, but that the reverse is bad. But there's nothing in the Bible that says we are called to be in full-time ministry and that's a sign of spiritually."

The course is open to the general public and begins the evening of Thursday, September 21, 2017. 

Zwaagstra said you can register to take the course for school credits, or you can audit the course for a cheaper price. The first half of this evening's session is free for the public to come and get more information.

You can register for the course online, or contact the school for more information at 204.326.6451