You ever feel like listening to music, but you also have to get work done? The solution is here. Among other things. 

You know Josh Wilson's newest song That Was Then, This is Now? We play that one here on CHVN. But now his whole album with that title track is out for everyone to enjoy!

Bethel Music came out with a second instrumental album. This is perfect for so many things. If you need to get work done, so you want to listen to music without getting distracted by the words, if you want to just have a quiet afternoon reading a book, or maybe need a little help falling asleep. This album is perfect. It's called Without Words: Synesthesia



Augustus came out with Second to None

Kristene DiMarco from Jesus Culture with Mighty, a live album. 

And for the kiddos, Scripture Snack Kids - Fun Size Volume 1



If you need more Country and Southern Gospel in your life, you've got it. 

Booth Brothers with Still

and Amber Nelon Thompson with Just Sing