The North Kildonan Mennonite Brethren Church (NKMB) is wrapping up its Vacation Bible School (VBS) program by teaching kids that God is always with them and cares for them.

The theme for this year's program is Treasured—Discovering You're Priceless to God. 

"This year's theme is that you are a treasure by God and every night has its own theme," says Hans Boge, the Program Director of NKMB's VBS program. "So, the first night, as God knows you; the second night, as God hears you; tonight, as God comforts you, and then God forgives you, and then God chooses you. We are his greatest treasure, and we're learning about King David and the Old Testament stories about how we are God's treasure."

Boge also says that no matter how small a person is, and how forgotten they feel, God sees and knows them. Even when they make mistakes, God will be there with them and help them walk through their struggles.

"It's a big responsibility and we take it super seriously," says Boge when asked what it's like being part of the process of developing the children's faith. "The day-to-day teaching happens by all our student teachers and the counsellors and my wife and I set up the program a number of months in advance. It's important to get that Bible knowledge in but also to really let the kids know that God, He loves them and we love them as a church and we live and love them as a community. But to know that God loves them, it's a pretty awe-inspiring task."

"Kids at this age, you know, four years old up to 11 or 12 are really impressionable and to get that into their minds and hearts that God loves them before the world grabs them or they get influence by a lot of big stuff, to get that sunk in, and what's great is the word never returns void. So, whatever verses they memorize and whatever song they sing, whatever dramas they watch, whatever crafts they do, whatever Bibles there is to hear, the Holy Spirit can take that seed and let it grow and nurture."

"I think to know that we're part of that in some small way, that God can put those anchors in and hopefully sustain those kids with, I mean VBS is only five days, right? There's family, there's Church, there is Boy and Girls Club, there's school, there are lots of good things that help build but we take it really seriously. It's a real honour and privilege, but it's also super exciting to see like we've been in it long enough now that the kids who were in VBS are now helping lead VBS, right? So, to have that fruit come back and that cycle started again, kids that were in it are now on stage doing drama or now they're leading Bible studies. That's super exciting to see that fruit come back."

Avi, who is a big VBS enthusiast loves how much fun it is.

"I love it. I've been going for a year and I love it. There are a ton of activities and I think it is awesome, perfect entertainment for kids like me. My favourite part is learning about God and Jesus. I feel happy when I'm here. I love to learn about Him and it's very fun for everyone, I think."

Chris loves to learn during Bible study time. 

"I like VBS  because it's the best thing to learn about God, to learn about what Jesus told us in the past, Jesus told us to hear whatever he said and to know about him. And the thing that I like the most about VBS is that we get to know about more people and we get to know about Jesus too."

Maylin is enjoying meeting new people and loves Bible study time as well.

"It's awesome. I love that we can learn more about Jesus. I just love seeing all these new faces. I've been to VBS I think two times and I just love it. I love Bible time, we get to learn more and more about Bod and stuff like that. My favourite chapter is John."