A local author is publishing her second novel this year, this one tackling faith even when things are puzzling. 

"This book is a little bit different in that it surrounds a jigsaw puzzle," says Terrie Todd about her new novel, The Last Piece. "It's a split-time fiction and starts way back during the Great Depression with a young artist who is trying to provide for his family by selling his art for jigsaw puzzles which were all the rage at the time."

Todd says the structure of the book is different than most novels. 

"There are five different stories, one that goes through the 50s, there's a story from the 70s, from the 90s and then a contemporary story. Each one seems disconnected but they all converge in the end."

She shares that in a way The Last Piece is a puzzle in and of itself. 

The Last Piece front cover

"It's a fun piece, but it's kind of a metaphor for life. We don't see the finished picture and life can be so puzzling and we don't see how the pieces fit together. Especially right now we're living in scary times. I know that no matter what is happening in your life, God can see the big picture." 

Todd dedicated this book to her five grandsons in hopes they understand that Jesus is the 'last piece to life's every puzzle.'

"There's a come and go book signing at the Portage la Prairie library this Saturday from 1-4 pm."

Just three months ago, Todd published another novel, Rose Among Thornes. Now that pandemic restrictions have been lifted a little, she is able to have an in-person event. She will have all her books there, including the new one. 

"This book was actually written prior to Rose Among Thornes. It didn't sell to traditional publishers, so I decided to self-publish this one. This one I knew I wanted it in time for Christmas."

Anyone interested can purchase a copy of The Last Piece from Todd, or off Amazon