Parents may be feeling the pressure of remote learning, but one expert is reminding parents they can lean on the Lord.

Remote learning is well underway for dozens of schools across the province. This is not the first time schools moved to remote learning, as various schools and school divisions moved online periodically throughout the pandemic, including province-wide closures in 2020.

Gerald Huebner is a member of the Manitoba Association of Christian Home Schools board and is familiar with the pressures parents feel when trying to teach their children.

Gerald Huebner A home schooling expert does not want parents trying to teach their children to feel like they are alone. (Supplied)

Heubner says while parents may feel overwhelmed, they are not alone.

"Don't try to do it alone. Pray. Seek the Lord and ask for His help. He has equipped us for life and godliness."

He says learning can be untraditional, coming from places such as the garage, home, or abroad. He suggests trying to bring the lesson to life.

"Zoom with a relative in another place if studying geography. Or connect with somebody that has a real passion for mathematics that you don't."

In Heubner's experience, he's found people are more than happy to help.

"Think of people who maybe would benefit from the opportunity to be a servant, to be a help, to be a support."

The balance between learning remotely and working is difficult, but he is asking parents to remember that there is a limit.

"You cannot balance 150 per cent. You can only balance maybe 100 per cent."

Huebner says children are resilient and can adapt to changing circumstances. He is reminding parents that they do not have to be perfect to be a good educator and example for their children.